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brighter than the dawn in blue
a light sprouts into being and someday it'll reach that blue miracle
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7th-Jun-2010 09:53 am - Relationships
Comment here and uh... I'll let you know how Dawn's relationships are.

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7th-Jun-2010 01:51 am(no subject)
How am I doing as your current Sinnoh champion, Dawn? Good/Bad/Needs fixing?

Comments are screened, and lord knows I can't do anything with your IP address.
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4th-Jun-2010 08:19 pm - Dawn's Hot List (June 27 2010)
This is a list of the trainers that Dawn fancies. It's sort of public information, as most people will be able to access the main list (but not the appendix) using the PNG.

Dawn may not have necessarily met every single person on there, but with things like magazines and the television, chances are she would have heard/seen them from afar.

1) Lucas
2) Silver
3) Green
4) Roark
5) Riley
6) Brendan
7) Lucian
8) Morty
9) Brock
10) Red

Cynthia (Dawn has a girlcrush on Cynthia)
Flint (Believed to be in a bromance with Volkner. Also dat afro.)
Volkner (Believed to be in a bromance with Flint.)
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2nd-Jun-2010 12:15 am - Dawn: The Application
ï player ï
Name/Alias: Kimi
LJ: kimivalkyrie
Contact Info: AIM: spectrum rays
Previous Characters: None yet!

ï canon character ï
Name: Dawn
Age: 16
Hometown/Region: Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh
Class: Pokemon Trainer

Current Team
- Piplup (Serious nature, was given as a starter for her journey from Professor Rowan. Holds an Everstone and is often the Pokemon that walks out with her.)
- Lopunny (Careful nature, was first captured as Buneary and evolved during the journey)
- Pachirisu
(Brave nature, second capture. The other Pokemon that she walks out with a lot if Piplup's not up to it.)
- Mamoswine (Naughty nature, captured as a Swinub.)
- Togekiss (Gentle nature, hatched from an egg given from Cynthia)
- Mesprit (Jolly nature, captured near Twinleaf Town)

Boxed Team
- Quilava (Quirky nature, hatched from an egg that was given as a present from Professor Elm when she visited Johto.)
- Cherrim (Bold nature, a recent capture on her travels.)
- Alakazam (Quiet nature, was her primary Psychic Pokemon until Mesprit was captured)
- Rapidash (Relaxed nature, not the strongest battler and is often used for contests)

Dawn grew up in Twinleaf Town, a small town in the Sinnoh region that was known for being very green and very peaceful. Dawn's mother wanted her child to grow up a happy one, so she took her family to Twinleaf to avoid the chaos of living in much bigger towns and cities. The space did Dawn good, as she enjoyed running around the town with her friends. A happy child she was indeed. Childhood trips were often taken to Lake Verity and every so often, she would think she saw something lurking at the bottom of the lake that looked unlike anything she had ever seen before - a shimmering, graceful creature. But she was reassured by others it was just a Magikarp and the light, though she was sure it was the guardian of the lake. She wanted to meet it more than anything.

This, along with Dawn's mother did a lot to drive Dawn's desire to become interested in Pokemon. Her mother is a competent coordinator and competed in Pokemon Contests a lot while Dawn was growing up. While this mean she was in the care of her father or staying over with her friends when this happened, she would often watch these contests on TV and see how glamorous and elegant the whole thing looked.

She would have gone down the road of being a coordinator herself but her best friend often dreamt big of becoming a Pokemon trainer. Dawn liked the sound of being a trainer more than a coordinator. Capturing Pokemon, befriending them and battling seemed a lot more like her cup of tea. Plus the badges were shiny. They dreamt of adventures together, dreamt of things like meeting new people, conquering the Elite Four, defeating bad guys and dreamt of perhaps someday, meeting and catching the legendary Pokemon at the lake. Because her best friend is impatient and headstrong, he insists on starting this adventure right now, the day they turn old enough to get their licenses.

They need Pokemon, so they decide to see Professor Rowan of Sandgem Town. Dawn is about to take the first step into the wild grass of Route 201 and potential danger when they are stopped, quite authoratively by Professor Rowan and his assistant. He saw that despite being completely and utterly reckless, they both had a deep love of Pokemon and decides to let them choose their first Pokemon.

This is the first meeting between Dawn and Piplup, her starter Pokemon. Piplup at first took a while to grow used to Dawn, as he was very proud. But soon enough, they became fast friends and they began their journey through Sinnoh.

At first, it seemed as if Dawn's only goal was to collect all of Sinnoh's badges. However, after her obtaining her first badge from Roark in Oreburgh she has her first encounter with Team Galactic. Their grunts were harassing Professor Rowan for his research and she successfully sends them off with his assistant. But it wasn't until she encountered top ranking officials Mars at the Valley Windworks and Jupiter at Eterna City that she adds stopping Team Galactic's chaos to her list. She cannot stand how they use Pokemon selfishly for their own ends and is determined to take a stand against them.

She proceeds through Sinnoh, battling many trainers and obtaining badges along the way with the eventual goal of challenging the Elite Four. Hearing nothing of Team Galactic for a while, she proceeds as normal, catching many of her Pokemon along the way.

However, by the time she reaches her sixth badge, Team Galactic rear their ugly head again as they make Lake Valor explode. Dawn goes to defeat them there and she finds out the extent of their plan - they want to capture the guardians of Sinnoh's lakes. She chases them down to their headquarters in Veilstone City and it is there that after much battling against their executives, she found out about the next stage of their plans - to release Dialga, Palkia and Giratina to form the new world Cyrus envisioned.

Having released Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf, Dawn then proceeded to Mt Coronet and from there entered the Distortion World. Cyrus wanted to distort time and space to form a new world - a start from zero and kill off what defined human experience - emotions, hopes, dreams, sufferings.

The Distortion World showed many strange things as it was a place beyond understanding. But with the help of the Lake Trio, Dawn battled Cyrus, then Giratina and order was restored with Cyrus being banished to the Distortion World where it is assumed he stays to this day. The loss of the leader greatly scaled back Team Galactic's activities and they eventually halted.

With this, Dawn then proceeded to obtain her final badge and finally challenge the Elite Four after much trial and tribulation.

She loses the first time she goes against the Elite Four. It is a depressing time for Dawn as she temporarily returns home and recuperates. As if recounting what got her started on the journey in the first place, she goes to Lake Verity. It is here that Dawn encounters Mesprit once again and Mesprit flees, soon after acknowledging Dawn's potential. Moved by this experience, Dawn goes once again to challenge the Pokemon League, which in turn leads to her victory against the Sinnoh champion. She is then crowned the new Sinnoh Champion and she keeps this title ever since.

It is from this point forward that Dawn begins her other journeys. Firstly, she travels to Battle Zone where she takes on a number of the Battle Frontier challenges to test her skill. Dawn then encounters a mysterious person from Hoenn who gives her a Villa because he never uses it due to his home being in Hoenn. Dawn, hardly knowing what to do with a whole villa often invites her friends and other people she has encountered in her journey to stay there. Meeting the mysterious man piques her interest in traveling to other regions and as a result, begins her journeys once again; but this time to other regions.

Before she leaves, she encounters Mesprit once again on the way to Sandgem Town and there, she captures it.... though it's more Mesprit agrees to being captured. Though Mesprit is known to erase the emotions of the people who touch it, this seemingly does not affect Dawn and whoever Mesprit feels comfortable with. With Mesprit captured, she begins wider travels.

She travels to Hoenn by ferry with the aid of Professor Birch who she meets. Though never having really traced down the man who gave her the villa but having encountered many different Pokemon along the way, Dawn stays in Hoenn for almost a year. She then progresses to Kanto and Johto and stays under the tutelage of Professor Elm with frequent visits to Professor Oak where she assists him in his research briefly. As a present before returning to Sinnoh, he gives her a gift of a Cyndaquil egg which hatches before she leaves on the ferry.

This whole period of traveling between regions takes somewhere in the vicinity of 3 and a bit years. Dawn has stayed in Sinnoh since then where she now spends her time trying to compete in contests, though she frequently battles challengers. Occasionally, she will assist Professor Rowan and his assistant on a variety of almost madcap adventure tasks but otherwise Dawn's life is peaceful and sedate with her mother and best friend back in little Twinleaf Town.

She is a cheerful girl who is forever optimistic and determined. At first Dawn has difficulty getting to grips with being a trainer but she cares greatly for her team. She is clumsy, but learns quickly. Due to her mother being a top coordinator, Dawn cares about the wellbeing and grooming of her Pokemon. She feeds them her homemade Poffins. This has also led Dawn to be a well kept girl in terms of appearance, having a variety of outfits ready depending on the situation (such as when she enters a contest.) and not being very happy when Pachirisu messes up her hair with it's electricity. Sometimes she can get carried away by physical appearances but she knows that what's inside counts too.

Though Dawn has an innate grace similar that of the previous Sinnoh Champion, because she is young, she can be immature, selfish, jealous and petty. Dawn often doesn't take losing very well, often going into anger, then depression when she loses. She often beats herself up over little things and when her Pokemon aren't happy, she blames herself and feels personally responsible. She has an inner strength which she draws upon to pull her through tough situations.

She is often friendly to most people - even complete strangers. Her friends can rely on her and she has the capacity for a lot of affection. She doesn't take being used by them too well. When Dawn is angry, Dawn goes into a rage. Sometimes she doesn't stop to think, but nowadays she's gotten better at that.

She's at the age in which girls take an interest in boys... or other girls even. Eager to impress, Dawn can be a tad overenthusiastic and sometimes this gets the better of her.

At the end of the day, Dawn is an innately good person. Albeit one who gets caught up in little things and gets carried away very easily.

Sample I:


Hi Red! This is Dawn, from Sinnoh!


[in an undertone; "oh yeah this is voicemail, not a phone conversation..."]

Remember me? We met once upon a time when I went to Kanto and I believe we even had a battle together. It was a close one! We ended in a draw because it was getting late. How have you been? You seemed really quiet when I met you and not really one to talk even after the battle. I assumed it was because you were busy thinking about your future battles. I got your number from a friend of yours, who said it would be good if we chatted. Said it would be good for you. I'd love to chat with you and I promise I won't be annoying with my phone calls.

[muffled sounds of talking, the sound of a few shouts in the background]

Anyway, this is my phone number. Please feel free to give me a call whenever you're in Sinnoh and I'll make doubly sure to see you. Byebye!

Sample II:

The suspension bridge lay before Dawn, creaking ominously in the wind across the gap. Drifloon and Drifblim floated overhead as if beckoning her to cross. Floaroma Town seemed ever nearer and it was just this bridge to cross.

Biting her bottom lip, she took a deep breath and adjusted her hat. If there was going to be any time to cross, it would be now or never.

"Come on Pachi... let's cross."

Dawn beckoned to Pachirisu with an extended arm. Pachirisu skittered up her arm from where he was standing on the ground to rest on her shoulder. He gave a short cry when Dawn took a step towards the bridge and it creaked again.

The wind reduced the bridge's wild swinging to simple Bellsprout-esque swaying. Dawn confidently put a foot forward on the bridge, and no sooner that it had made contact that she sprinted forward as fast as she could. Dawn desperately needed to get to the otherside otherwise she was in trouble.

It probably wasn't the best idea to sprint across as the rope snapped, very audibly in the silence. And Dawn was only three fourths of the way through. Pachirisu was hanging on for dear life to Dawn's collar as gravity pulled the both of them towards the ground.

Pure panic poisoned Dawn's head as she closed her eyes and waited for the pain that would inevitably come swooping like a Staraptor to pick at her liver -

And it came to her.

"Togekiss! Help me!"

Dawn quickly gathered her wits and tossed Togekiss' Poke Ball into the air, releasing the Jubilee PokÈmon in a flash of light. Realising the trouble her trainer was in, Togekiss flew under Dawn, caught her and Pachirisu and flew upwards towards the top of the crevice.

Dawn clung to Togekiss as she began the slow ascent upwards. Soon enough, Togekiss landed on the ground on the other side of the bridge. Sighing with relief, Dawn let go of Togekiss and lay on the grass in a comatose like state with her eyes fixated on the sky. Pachirisu let go of Dawn's collar and crawled onto Dawn's chest, listening to her rapid heartbeat. Togekiss got the cue and nuzzled Dawn's cheek, trying to bring her trainer back to.

After a long while, Dawn sat up. She petted both Togekiss, reached into her bag smiling and pulled out a handful of Poffins. "Thank you." she said as Togekiss happily ate them.

She turned to Pachirisu and petted him on the head. "I'm sorry for putting you through that. Next time, maybe we should look for solid land."

"Pachi!" Pachirisu squeaked in agreement.
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24th-May-2010 12:00 am - Welcome to LiveJournal
Congratulations, you now have your own blog!
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